5 Greatest Tips for Choosing the Right Smartphone Case

With so many options out there, choosing the right case can be a challenge.

We generally spend much less time choosing a cell phone case than we do for the phone itself. In fact, we would go so far to say that the case choice can sometimes even be an afterthought. With so many options out there, choosing the right case can be a challenge.

As seasoned matchmakers in the phone case world, we have learnt that there are five important things to consider ensuring that you choose the right smartphone case for you.

1. Fantastic Unique Designs

If you want a phone case that shows your unique personality, or one that matches your wardrobe, or shows your allegiance to a band/soccer team/baseball team or one with pictures of loved ones and pets, or you just want to be different, then the bespoke and special design options are the way to go.

There is some beautiful artwork and clever design options on the market already, if you know where to look. You can even make your own design to really express your personality and individuality which also ensures yours is totally unique.

This style of case can also be an excellent option as a gift. Nothing shows your thoughtfulness better than a case that was specially designed by you. Think weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. For a small amount of money, you can really produce a unique, special, and useful gift.

2. Don’t Lose Your Grip

They don’t normally warn you about slippery phones at the store.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a great phone case is probably not an improved grip of your 700USD+ investment. However, trust us when we say that majority of smashed screen scenarios come from accidently dropping (aka losing grip of your phone). It happens right? You remember the time that person you know dropped it in the toilet or off the side of a cruise ship?!

A case with a nice rubber texturized grip also makes taking photos with one hand less risky because there is probably less chance of dropping your nice new iPhone 14 Pro in mid-shot if you have more control over gripping it.

Nowadays, a phone needs to be able to withstand all weathers and situations. Having a phone case that allows a solid grip also helps when using your phone in wet conditions such as rain or snow. Normally, a rubber texturized phone case also adds some serious protective qualities.

We would wholeheartedly recommend checking out the awesome options at the OTTERBOX store. These guys are with the leaders producing some super good rubberized, rugged phone cases.

3. Movie Time

We are all now watching movies, Tik Tok or YouTube videos on our smartphones. This is now one of the other main uses of our phone after talking to each other.

Have you ever found yourself propping up your phone up in a precarious manner on the coach, plane, or train? Or found yourself with sore wrists after holding your phone on the right angle for an hour and half to watch the latest Top Gun movie? Some of the genius phone cases design now feature discreet stands (or kick stands) that will save you using your hands, or any anything else you can find lying around, to balance your phone perfectly in viewing range.

Yes, you can watch your favorite movies on the go with ease, and often there is no need to worry about damaging your phone’s screen as we found that these cases from ESR with the awesome stands are often toughened or rugged styles. So even if your phone does get knocked over, or you attempt to go to the toilet on the plane with your headphones still attached, your phone will be unscathed for this journey at least. We appreciate that having air buds would avoid this familiar scenario, nevertheless the stand cases are super handy!

4. More Than Just a Phone Case

Did you know that there are cases that now double up as a RFID protecting wallets, purse and card holder? Or cases can provide extra battery juice when there are no charging options in range? Or provide some awesome waterproofing protection and still allow you to use your phone. We even looked at some cases that effectively allow you to still use your camera under the water. Or even specially designed armband cases that become part of your gym kit!

Check out the TUCCH store for some of the best folio/wallet case in the market. If you want to make a fast choice, you won’t go wrong with a TUCCH case.

5. The Protection Factor

We left the obvious until last, but one of the most important benefits of a good case is that it helps to protect your investment, preventing scratches, drowning and other wear and tear.

When you’re constantly on the go, your phone is likely to encounter daily threats that will result in scratches. Additionally, if you don’t use a case, dust and debris are more likely to get inside your phone. This can cause problems like reduced battery life or even physical damage to internal components such as speakers or microphones.

Luckily for all of us who love our mobile devices but have trouble keeping them safe from everyday accidents, there are many types, styles and colors of tough cases to choose from. The team at Spigen has some of the most innovative & stylish tough cases in the market in their now almost famous ARMOR range.

Simply put, your smartphone won’t survive as well, without one!

What We Think

We hope that we’ve helped you in some way to choose a smartphone case that suits your needs and lifestyle.

There are clearly many benefits to having one; they can make your phone look better, last longer and be more comfortable to use. Invest in a case that suits your needs and lifestyle – whether that’s something slim or something heavy duty (or anything in between). Whether you have a Samsung, Apple, Google, Nokia, Moto or Huawei phone, a good case is a good investment and we can pretty much guarantee that it will ensure that your device remains looking as good as new for longer.

Don’t go cheap in the case. We’ve got you covered!

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