iPhone 8 Plus Review

Last Updated: April 7, 2021

Our team reviews the iPhone 8 Plus, one of the most prestigious smartphones on the market at the moment. Check out our full review to see what we thought.

by AGENT Staff
iPhone 8 Plus Review
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Announced alongside its siblings; the iPhone 8, and iPhone X, the iPhone 8 Plus has a lot to show for. After all, what could possibly warrant the announcement of 3 new iPhones at the same time? Some say the 8 and 8Plus are here to help us transition into the future of smart phones. Well, read our iPhone 8 plus review below if you’d like to see if we’re convinced.


iPhone 8 Plus Review 2021

It has been over a decade since the world was first introduced to the iPhone. Many iGenerations have since passed us by, however there is something in the air about this coming era of iPhones. With the removal of the home button, as well as the lack off a built-in headphone jack, Apple is pursuing a vision of the future, more doggedly than ever before. The iPhone X being capable of unlocking itself simply by way of facial recognition software, is a reality none of us saw coming, at least not for a while yet.

With Apple applying radical changes to designs that have stood largely untouched for over ten years, some Apple fans are left feeling uncomfortable. The features many of us came to love, vanished overnight, with the iPhone X’s announcement. However, along with the iPhone X, we were also shown the phones that many people are calling an iPhone X ‘under the hood’.  The iPhone 8, and 8Plus. Our team carried out an analysis, to judge whether or not the 8 and 8Plus are saviours for those clinging onto the past, or should we all just let go of the old iPhone?


The design of the iPhone 8Plus is quite divisive. Staying true to conventional iPhone design, the 8Plus doesn’t look all that different to every other iPhone we’ve been interacting with for the past 6-7 years. However, there are those who believe this to be a positive aspect of the 8 Plus’s design. Many users were seemingly put off by the drastic changes made to the iPhone X. As a result of this, news of a new iPhone of similar design to what they’ve grown familiar with comes as a message of reassurance.

The iPhone 8Plus takes up 138.4 x 67.3 x7.3 (mm) which is slightly larger than the iPhone 8. Weighing at 202g, the 8Plus is also substantially heavier than the iPhone 8 (148g).

Similar to the iPhone 8, the 8Plus is also available in Gold, Silver, and Space Grey.

A notable design feature of the iPhone 8Plus (as is the same with the 8, and X), is the absence of a headphone jack. However, Apple does supply wireless earbuds with the device.

Originally, the decision made by Apple to remove the headphone jack from the upcoming line of iPhones was extremely unpopular among the public, however, this has been remedied by the addition of a headphone adapter, that plugs into the lightning port at the bottom of the phone.

Extra Features on the iPhone 8 Plus

The Camera

The iPhone 8 Plus ships with a 12MP wide-angle, and telephoto cameras. Wide-angle: ƒ/1.8 aperture/Telephoto: ƒ/2.8 aperture

Optical zoom is also implemented (10x) rather than digital zoom (x5).

Portrait mode, Portrait Lighting (beta).


The battery on the 8 Plus, is marginally better than the standard iPhone 8’s, with up to 60 hours of wireless audio playback.


5.5-inch widescreen technology, 1920-by-1080 pixel resolution at 401 ppi, 1300:1 contrast ratio (typical).



Overall, the iPhone 8 Plus performs very well, especially when used in photography. One of the main focuses of the device, the changes made to the camera function, and the display, make a huge difference to the user. The 8Plus feels seamless, sleek, and  refined, as any flagship device should.



  • Dimensions: 158.4 x 78.1 x 7.5 (mm)
  • Weight: 202g
  • Operating System: iOS 11
  • System on chip: A11 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture / Neural Engine / Embedded M11 Motion compressor
  • Capacity: 256GB / 64GB
  • Location Services: Assisted GPS / GLONASS / Galileo and QZSS / Digital compass / Wi-Fi / Mobile Data / iBeacon micro-location
  • Display: Retina HD display / 5.5-inch widescreen / LCD Multi-Touch with IPS technology / 1920 x 108 – pixel resolution at 401 ppi / 1300:1 contrast ratio
  • Camera: 12MP wide-angle and telephoto /Wide-angle: ƒ/1.8 aperture / Telephoto: ƒ/2.8 aperture / Optical zoom up to 10x
  • Battery: Up to 21 hours wireless talk time / Up to 13 hours Internet Use / Up to 14 hours wireless video playback / Up to 60 hours wireless audio playback
  • Colour Choice(s): Gold / Silver / Space Grey



In conclusion, the iPhone 8 Plus is a fantastic phone, for a much lower price than the iPhone X. Functional, and running off the latest apple technology, the iPhone 8 Plus feels like something new, a breath of cool fresh air into the market, which many of us may agree, was needed.


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